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The Team

Michael Pergola


Michael Pergola

Rev Michael Pergola MA, MBA, JD is a business executive, lawyer, coach, consultant, educator, organizational leader, and an ordained interfaith minister, with a wealth of in house corporate, technology, non-profit, and educational experience. Michael founded One Spirit Learning Alliance after 9/11, and was a founder of the Wave Work Institute.
After meeting John McMillin and spending 6 weeks in an Ecological Literacy Immersion Program at the Omega Institute and as his concern for the earth and the future of civilization grew he founded the Institute for Regenerative Learning and more recently Integrative Permaculture LLC.  He served six years as Chief Knowledge Officer for Risk at one of the largest banks in the country, practiced law at a major firm in Washington D.C., launched a real estate development firm to renovate high quality middle income properties, designed and served as general contractor in the renovation of classic homes, and has founded both business and nonprofit organizations. 
Michael has taught high school, founded two software companies, served as a community organizer, ran a petroleum products distributor, and was a member of the Society for Organizational Learning, and the National Commission to End Domestic Violence.  He is well versed in integral theory, and has taught a wide variety of courses including: Vision & Culture, Communications, Leadership, Organizational Learning, Creativity and Innovation, Integral Development, the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics and Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life.
Michael’s work includes coaching leaders in a merger, facilitating an executive team in a new enterprise, curriculum development, strategic alliances, team building, merger integration, technology implementation, communications, and marketing.  He has also facilitated strategic and scenario planning, and team building sessions, as both a leader and a consultant.  He is trained in systems thinking, scenario planning, creativity & innovation, facilitation, conflict resolution business process analysis, technology assessment, emotional intelligence, counseling, meditation and biofeedback. With a strong work ethic, a commitment to excellence, a flexible approach and a focus on long term value, Michael helps evoke untapped potential for creativity, innovation, and success.



Amanda Marsh

Amanda has a 200hr Hot Warrior Yoga certification, accredited through the Yoga Alliance. She has taught yoga throughout Berkshire County for the last four years. Through her travels and self-study she was called to pursue trainings in Light Activation & Reiki healing. Weaving yoga & breathing techniques, intention setting, meditation and energy work infuses her offerings with grounded harmony. Connecting to nature, the phases of the Moon inspire Amanda to allow and celebrate the spectrum of existence. Her approach to life resonates in her Yoga & Meditation offerings, Women’s Circles, artwork, and future offerings



Jose Bermudez

From Bogotá, Colombia, Jose graduated from College of Our Lady of the Elms in 2009 with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Information and Technology. Jose has worked in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years. His experience started at Cranwell Spa and Golf club where worked many weddings and events. He has worn different hats from being a waiter, chef, and manager. In 2017, he ran a Bed & Breakfast in the Town of Stockbridge along with his fiancé and brought it to the #1 B&B in the Berkshires and # 16 in the world. Over the past few years Jose has focused his learnings on Aquaponics, Permaculture, Land design and Farming. Currently, he works at the Red Lion Inn as a Restaurant Assistant Manager as well as the Lion's Den Manager booking music for the entire year.Strong work ethic and commitment, Jose is a great addition to the Shaker Mill Falls.

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