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September 16th - 22nd

“B- elements” awakening with Orpheus B.



A well-designed retreat of 7 days that connects people to essential elements in their spiritual growth and increased awareness, supporting the individual and group awakening process. All participant receive a digital copy of the Book B THE WAY that this retreat is based upon.

It is a program that opens up the whole concept of holistic life style, and can aid the whole world in becoming a more conscious place.

Retreat Program:

Qigong, Yoga, Shamanic journey, Cacao ceremony & Ecstatic dance, Dance of Tao, Shamanic Tribal Acupuncture*, Breathing session, Kundalini active meditation, Sound healing journey, Sacred Shabbat Ceremony.
(Optional: Plant medicine ceremony*).

This retreat brings an equilibrium between theory and practice. Orpheus often refers to his teachings as “Spirituality in practice” and delivers it in this way. This is a spiritual and holistic experience that will allow participants to benefit from a variety of activities (ceremonies, sound journeys etc.) that can assist their energetic self-activation and soul transformation. One of our Goals is to allow participants to explore what is that interests them most, and open a window to new experiences that may turn into a daily practice.

The retreat is based on the Book “B THE WAY” – a practical guide book to find balance in life. The Book is divided into six main chapters, that correlate to the six elements and six days of the retreat. Each day is focused on one of the element, but taken from the perspective of the whole and leading the focus on a certain area in life. The Final Day wraps up the whole experience into a complete picture, shading light on the transformation that has happened and giving time for shared reflection and integration.

Example of an Earth day:  

6:30am  Wake up 
7 – 8am  Morning exercises, stretching & Qigong.
Teaching a set of Earth Element Qigong.
8 – 10am  Breakfast & rest – fresh fruits, smoothie, goodies…
10 – 12pm  Lecture about – permaculture/diet/food/fasting.
12:30 – 14:00  Lunch break that suits the Earth element(Salads, cooked roots and lentils/ soup, beans)
14:00 – 17:00  Rest & private consultations (lifestyle, Chinese medicine, Soul retrieval journey)
17:00 – 18:30  Activity – Movement OR theory (anatomy, physiology, energetics, Chinese Medicine etc) 
18:30 – 20:00  Light dinner (soup/ fruits, Tea, Dessert)
20:00 – 21:00  Satsang/ Dahmma talk about Nature OR night activity
22:00 lights off


Our aim is to offer the best fresh and organic food. We will always try to find local farmers and local resources for our supply, and bring in chefs that expertise in raw vegan food.

*For an Extra fee we offer plant medicine journey, individual treatments and consultations, as well as excursion and adventure trips.


  • Economy $989 Shared

  • Standard $1079 Shared

  • Premium $1269 Private

  • Streamside $1499 Private

- All inclusive except flights, transportations and insurance

- Your choice of room

- Raw Vegan Organic Food. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

- Lectures (Permaculture/diet/food/fasting)

Activities (Qigong-Yoga, Shamanic journey, Cacao ceremony, etc)

Deposit of 50% of your room choice

Reserve your spot now!


Designed by Orpheus B


Supported by B tribe.





Orpheus B, our Master teacher, is in-charge of the content and program of all B-Retreats. Healer and Inspirational guide, Orpheus B , began his journey 20 years ago with the art of Tai-Chi. Since, he gained knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy healing, internal exercises, mind practices and Shamanic work. Orpheus learnt with many wise and great teachers around the world, and developed his own unique style of healing and teaching, sharing his knowledge through retreats, workshops, books, lectures and online.

Eva B is an intuitive energy and sound healer, activating the voice during ceremonies and sound journeys. She is trained as a yoga instructor and has been teaching in various yoga studios in Europe. Eva has studied shamanic practices in Peru working with sacred plant medicine. Her mission is to support participants growth during retreats, holding space during ceremonies and offering individual consultations as well as teaching yoga and healthy nutrition.

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