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History of the Building and the Inn

Housed in a four-story stone structure built in 1824 to mill grain for local farms, the Inn reflects the simple rustic durability of its Shaker origins. Part of what makes the location and setting so special is the depth of history on display. It’s literally written on the walls, and in the woodwork. Serving guests as a destination for nearly 50 years under the care of long time innkeeper Ingram Paperny, we have a vision to take the Inn at Shaker Mill Falls to its next logical step.
Perpetuating Ingram’s legacy of hospitality and stewardship our vision includes:


  • an organic market garden (Second year in operation)

  • a center for sustainability education

  • Permaculture Design and other related programs

  • a farm to table restaurant (already licensed)

  • a greenhouse for an Aquaponics operation

Today, the Inn at Shaker Mill Farm stands as a unique and hospitable place for guests to relax and enjoy the many scenic and cultural offerings in our area. The main building holds 20 guest rooms, plus a large common reading room and sun room facing the stream and waterfall in back.

The large lawn areas plus separate Lodge building and gardens create additional options for outdoor events and enjoyment. Some of the projects listed above are under development around the 40 acre property under a new sustainable master plan that will add to its appeal for years to come.



More information is available on our sister website

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